Friday, April 29, 2011

About the Royal Wedding

For William and Kate Middleton are getting married on the 29th of this month. This last will get married till death part them? Of course, it's an unfair question, but the British royal family because of the recent history of many failures would fear such a possibility. So take a few precautions to avoid any type of accident is.

Young couple with total determination and commitment to the alliance "living together." Must enter the church in the presence of God pronounced such a promise is a meaningless verbiage. Any stick to it, nor seems to remember it after three days.

William and Kate should remember that the union has approved goddess .. Or. The Lord God brought you together in the direction of the decision was. But for their involvement, not only does events for this level.

On the night of April 29, before the marriage is consummated, Will and Kate must promise each other personally, hand in hand "we will never, ever did not separate it. Could have my promise." This is an important and serious undertaking.

Then there are some small points you to observe and treat them as your guide stars are needed. These are small, but they're big and monstrous you can not deal immediately with every issue.

Marriage for both a small boat is in keeping with the long sea journey. Small waves and at times huge waves will rock your boat. But if you stay together, you can sail through any crisis.

Misunderstanding of the time on major cases of minor disputes will occur over time. During these disputes because of harsh words may be used. These pin prick then and there also must be resolved immediately deleted from disk memory details.

In mind a complaint against one or the other complaints Harbouring, especially after a fight, is a taboo. Always say, "Sorry, I'm sorry" to be ready if some of you in action was wrong and forget the whole incident within minutes.

There are no secrets between you and a skeleton in your closet should have either. You see the British people and to reproduce life must be open and transparent. A role in his life in England should be the model for other young boys.

Be faithful to each other. A third person with no gallivanting!

May God Almighty bless you both.

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